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No room is complete without good lighting. Lighting has often been called the 'jewels of the room' by designers but is often over looked by the average homeowner when designing or renovating a space. Choosing the right chandeliers, pendants and lamps can help set the style and mood of your home.  


Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room and an easy way to update a space. When considering your lighting options think about layering. Just as you would when accessorizing a room, its about finding the right layers. Always consider both natural and artificial light when designing your space. Consider how that room will be used and what is required for functional and ambient lighting. 

Task lighting gives off directional light which is important to consider when looking at the function of your room. If you read a lot in your master bedroom or on the sofa you will want functional task lighting like a good table or floor lamp. Installing a dimmer is a great investment when you want to switch to a softer mood light. 

Ambient lighting is a must-have for creating a soft warm glow. Floor lamps, table lamps and sconces all bring in additional light to rooms with poor natural and overhead lighting. Every room should be lit from at least two sources of light, one of which should always be ambient lighting. 


Make a statement with your light fixturesA beautiful statement light can work like a piece of art in a room. The entryway is a great opportunity to give a fabulous first impression of your home. 


There are more and more amazing, affordable sources for lighting these days. Here are just a few places to shop for beautiful lighting fixtures.

With more homes having open concept living and dining areas a person can get completely LOST trying to pick out island pendants and chandeliers. Finishes on light fixtures don't always have to match but fixtures close together should complement each other. You could choose a chandelier and pendant in different shapes but the same metal finishes or vary the shapes but match the finishes keeping it clean. 

Finding the right lighting for your room is the first step but its also important to know how to hang them. You don't always have to play by the rules but these guidelines are helpful. Here are some great tips from Studio Mcgee on lighting placement: 

Tips on Choosing Light Bulbs:

Choosing between cool lighting, warm lighting, incandescent lighting, LED lighting can be quite confusing! Here are a breakdown of the 4 main types of bulb used in homes.

1. Incandescent is a popular bulb used in homes because of the price. Certain types of incandescents have been phased out because they are the least energy efficient, with 95% of the energy used producing heat and only 5% producing light. Incandescent light bulbs last about 1,000 hours on average.

2. Compact Fluorescent lamp (CFL) lighting works by passing electricity through mercury vapor, which in turn emits ultraviolet light producing more of a cool light. CFLs cost less to operate than incandescent but cannot be dimmed. Fluorescents tend to be better suited for garages and basements where lights stay on a lot. CLFs on average last 10,000 hours or 10 times an incandescent.

3. LEDs bulbs are the best on energy savings but are priced on the higher side. There are lots of options coming out and most LED lamps are compatible with dimmersLEDs last on average 50,000 hours or 50 times an incandescent.

4. Halogen bulbs have more hours than a simple incandescent but energy consumption is still high with a typical halogen lamp. Halogen lights are popular in pot lights and installed under the upper cabinets to provide good task lighting. They are a great way to highlight areas of a room but do get warm to touch. 

Before going shopping for lighting make some notes on what color and brightness of bulbs you’re looking for and you’ll be able to narrow down the choices pretty quickly. 

Remember everything looks better in good lighting!

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